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Welcome to CENTURY BANK !

Century Bank was chartered by the State of Oregon on April 5, 2004. Organizers started the bank to provide the residents of Lane County another banking option different from the larger, less personable regional banks.

Our management and staff have worked as a banking team together in this community for over 25 years. The fact is: We love banking and we love people! The result is a style of service known as Century Bank.

Our directors have all lived in this community all of their lives. They have deep family roots in the area and successfully operate businesses that have contributed to the growth of this area. They share the passion of “hometown” business.

We invite you to experience the superior customer service provided by our outstanding staff.

Century Bank stock is listed on the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board (OTC-BB) under the symbol “CBAO.” If you are interested in buying or selling Century Bank stock, please contact your broker.

Please join us!

Eugene, Oregon

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United States Government-backed pupil loans were first supplied in the 1950s under the (NDEA) National Defense Education Act, and were only available to choose classifications of students, such as those researching toward engineering, science, or education levels. Student loans were extended a lot more broadly in the 1960s under the College Act, with the target of motivating better social mobility and equality of opportunity.

Private student loans are not assured by a federal government agency and are made to students by banks or finance firms. Exclusive loans are greater expense compared to federal loans, and are typically just utilized when pupils have actually tired the loaning limit under federal pupil financings. They are also not qualified for Earnings Based Repayment plans, and regularly have less pliable repayment terms, higher fees, and a lot more fines. These are loans that are not ensured by a federal government agency and are made to students by financial institutions or finance firms. Proponents of personal student loans recommend that they incorporate the most effective aspects of the different government financings into one: They normally offer higher loan restrictions compared to federal student loans, ensuring the student is not entrusted a spending plan space. However unlike government moms and dad loans, they normally supply a grace period without payments due until after college graduation (this moratorium varies as high as Twelve Month after graduation, though the majority of exclusive lenders offer 6 months). Nonetheless, some college advocates are exclusive loan detractors as a result of the higher rates of interest, multiple fees, and lack of borrower securities private loans bring that are not associated with federal loans.

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